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  • This views are organized by collections of things types
    • Filter can be applied to show a subset of collections

Thing instances

Instances can be created, updated, cloned or deleted (See resources edition)

The properties of a thing instance are defined in its type semantic. Some fields are common to every thing type

  • Location: spatial location of the thing.
  • Proximity area: field used for in-room or proximity location.
  • Floor plan: the thing types with the floorplan checked in its semantic will include this field. It allows the user to associate an image to the thing and to calibrate it spatially: to define a parallelogram in the map so the plan could coincide with the thing location. An example could be to associate a floorplan to a shopping center map boundary so we could locate later the different stores present in the mall.

Navigating to a thing instance makes possible to edit its fields using tree editor while fields like location and floor plan require the use of the map.

Apply filters

  • It is a good practice to apply filter and/or observers to select the subset of things we would like to work with.
    • Using the map spatial filters can be applied

Unique addressability of things