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The floor plan field appears in an instance when the corresponding thing type have the floor plan checked. It allows to associate a calibrated image to the resource, it means an image located inside an area in the world map. These images will be shown whenever the corresponding thing is shown in the map but with small opacity.

  • Click on small square at the left of the calibration button to select the image.
Floorplan instance empty.png
It will show the previous image if there was one
Floorplan selected.png
  • Click on button to start calibration. The browser will scroll to show the map and propose a default location according to the current view box if there is not a previous location set
Floorplan default location.png
  • Place the image in the map by moving the five square markers. Center one will move the selected region. Center marker will move the entire region while the other 4 will modify the vertices of the region.
Floorplan calibrated.png
The field will be updated each time you move a marker, however, do not forget to save the resource once you have chosen the correct area.
  • In order to finish (or stop) the image calibration, click on the button at the right of the map state message (top left corner).
Floorplan map state.png
or click on the calibration button:
Floorplan calibrating.png

Note: It is important to note that the floorplan location is independent to that of the resource, but you need to locate the resource before calibrating the image.