M2MBridge updates

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  • M2MBridge updates are managed from the amtechM2mBridge template thing and the cloned amtechM2mBridge instance used in the configuration of the M2MBridge.
  • Once a new M2MBridge image is flashed into a Raspberry Pi and the M2MBridge is configured following this form, a pre-execution script will download the M2MBridge version specified in the configured template.
Important remark: Note that this first time you run the bridge, you need to be sure that the bridge has a configured Internet connection and the configured template has a valid version. Otherwise the download will fail and the M2MBridge will not start.
  • After this initial setup, the service is started and a clone of that template is generated with the same version specified in the template.
  • Any further changes to that instance version will be honored by the bridge and an over-the-air update will be applied with a consequent restart of the M2MBridge service.