User registration

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  • New users can register into the system using a registration link generated by the administrators using the user email address. This email address will be the user identifier in the system
  • On the registration page, the user should introduce its profile info.
User profile
    • The email address in the profile must be the same one used for generating the registration link
    • The user role selected in the profile will determine if the user is registered as a PaaS user (activity creator) or as a SaaS user (follower)
    • A new tenant will be created for the user, with the tenant id supplied on the registration page. The user will be the owner of the new tenant
  • Once a user is registered, it can invite other users to its tenant using the menu option Invite. Only the new user email address is needed.
    • The invited user will receive an email notifying him of the invitation to the tenant and containing a link to accept the invitation