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The Smart Mobile Gateway is a device tracking application. It allows to gather and send information to be used within the AMTech services. The user accepts the present privacy policy by signing in on the applications. The application is

  • Information we collect and how we use it

- The login credentials: user id or email, tenant and password:
The application needs the signing information provided by the user when he sign up on AMTech platform and it is used to grant access to AMTech services.

- The SSAID associated to the user and the device:
used as unique identifier of the digital twin associated to the device. This value will be different for other users and other applications on the same device and it changes on factory resets as stated here

- Device status information:
Information like battery, memory, disk usage, plugin status, etc, are sent to the AMTech services to allow to monitor the health status of the device.

- Location information:
The location information, fine or coarse according to the device owner selection, can be sent to AMTech service for monitoring purposes.

- Proximity Ble devices advertisement packages:
Ble advertisements are scanned whenever the device is configured to do it. This information can be used for indoor location to complement the GPS information

- Application logs:
Some information are stored locally on the device for logging purposes. AMTech will not have access to it except if the user send it to explicitly. We will ask for it only for debugging and bug tracing.

  • How they are used or transferred

The information gathered by the application is sent as observation see here to the AMTech's data storage. All the users of tenant used in the credentials, and those of the tenant with whom the data was shared will have access to those observations by them self or by the services where they are subscribed. AMTech uses HTTPS and MQTT as communication protocol so we ensure only that we use the security they provide, so the user accepts the risks associated to that when he uses the application.

The data that is gathered and transmitted as configured on the associated digital twin in the AMTech platform. The location information and the ble scan features can be disabled there if it is not needed.

  • Data sharing

AMTech does not share any information with anyone, but the users can share them directly or via the services to which the tenant are subscribed. AMTech can not be held responsible for any unwanted sharing but we can help to trace if the reason is a problem on our side or if it is due to a poor configuration. The owner of the tenant used in the credential will have access to all the data through the tools provided by AMTech for the monitoring activity.

  • Third party applications

Third party application can communicate through the Smart Mobile Gateway to send more information to our platform. AMTech can not be considered responsible of the data they gather and transfer through it